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Indications and contraindications

According to the results of preclinical studies and clinical trials, the Ukrainian Research Institute of Rehabilitation and Resortology has developed an Instruction on the practical use of mineral water used for therapeutic purposes in the hot water source. The above instruction contains a list of indications and contraindications for external therapeutic use.


Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
Arthrosis primary (polyarthrosis, oligoarthritis, monoarthrosis)
Arthrosis secondary (due to dysplasia, arthritis, trauma)
Intervertebral osteochondrosis
Primary and secondary spondyloarthrosis (due to injuries)
Rheumatoid arthritis or polyarthritis in the inactive phase
Ankylosing spondylarthritis (Bekhterov's disease) in the remission phase
Reactive arthritis (after nasopharyngeal infection)
Consequences of rheumatic arthritis or polyarthritis
Consequences of fractures of joints and bones
Conditions after operations on the joints, bones or spine
Contractures: arthrogenous, osteogenic, scar, neurogenic
Diseases of the periarticular tissues: myositis, ligamentitis, Dupuitotrine contracture, periarthritis
Disease of the skin
Psoriasis (stationary and regressive forms)
Common nasal psoriasis
Localized cerebellar psoriasis
Eczema in chronic stages (without exacerbation)
Localized forms of eczema with lichenization
Red flatfish (except acute stage)
Neurodermatitis (except for the exudative form)
Scleroderma (local form)
Atopic dermatitis
Diseases of the cardiovascular system
Vegetative-vascular dystonia (permanent form)
Neurocirculatory dystonia: hypotonic type, hypertensive type, mixed type
Hypertonic disease of the 1st and 2nd stage without vascular crises
Diseases of the urinary-sexual system
Diseases of the ovaries
Diseases of the fallopian tubes
Chronic salping and salpingoforeitis
The chronical pair is merametric
Chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterus
Chronic inflammatory diseases of the appendages
Chronic metritis and endometritis
Incarceration of the uterus (after the inflammatory process)
Hypoplasia of the uterus
Ovarian dysfunction: hypofunction, hypovariability
Menstrual disorders
Chronic prostatitis
Chronic veziculitis
Chronic funiculitis
Chronic epididymitis
Chronic orchids (non-tuberculous) in the remission stage
Primary and secondary chronic pyelonephritis
Chronic non-specific curettes at the stage of remission
Diseases of the peripheral vessels
Manifestations of obliterating diseases of the vessels of the extremities
Obliterating atherosclerosis of the limbs in the absence of: ulcers, gangrene, coronary heart disease
Conditions after surgery on the arteries
Treating trombangiitis
Endarteritis (during remission, and in the absence of migratory thrombophlibitis)
Posttrombophlebitis 1-2 degree syndrome
Chronic venous insufficiency (against the background of varicose veins)
Raynaud's disease 1-2 degrees
Diseases of the endocrine system and metabolism
Obesity exogenous-constitutional (not higher than 1 degree)
Diabetes mellitus (mild and moderate without acidosis)
Salt (lithogenic) diathesis
Thyrotoxicosis (mild to moderate)
Hypothermia (in the stage of compensation)


General medical contraindications for the appointment of van
Sharp pronounced synovitis
Activity 2 and 3 degrees in rheumatoid arthritis
Severe pain syndrome
Arthritis and polyarthritis of tubercular origin
Periol of exacerbation of skin diseases, scabies of eczema
Separate pronounced diseases of female genitourinary organs
Functional ovarian failure due to Cushing's disease
Post-abortion period (until the first menstruation)
Conditions after surgery for malignant tumors
Thrombophlebitis with a tendency to recurrence
Chronic renal insufficiency

Indications and contraindications are obligatory in the application of medical procedures and have no exceptions!