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Iodine-bromine sodium chloride baths

The external implementation of healing procedures usually takes the form of baths - the general (when the whole body of the patient is immersed in water) and local (when only a certain part of the body is immersed in the water - a leg, a hand ...).

Clinical and experimental studies have shown that iodine-bromine sodium chloride baths can create favorable conditions for the formation of compensatory-adaptive reactions and reactions by their positive influence on the leading physiological systems of the organism - nervous, cardiovascular, sympathic-adrenal and pituitary-adrenal. . restoration of the organism, and thus contribute to the curative process and essential inhibition of pathological processes in many diseases, the basis of which pathogenesis is the violation of the function of the central nervous system, cardiovascular systems, immunological reactivity of the organism, metabolic processes, thyroid function, and others.

The anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effect, as a consequence, and the analgesic effect of iodine-bromine chloride-sodium baths in patients with joint diseases, is likely to be the result of stimulating the influence of baths on the function of various organs and systems, as a consequence of the beneficial effects of the latter on the formation of adaptive- adaptive mechanisms and mechanisms of sanogenesis.

Clinical observations have shown that iodine-bromine chloride-sodium baths have a positive effect on the functional state of the cardiovascular system in patients with neurocirculatory dystonia of the hypotonic type, hypertension, and rheumatic heart defects.

Due to the presence of iodine and bromine in the water of the type under study, such baths have a positive effect on the enterophilic system, contribute to the normalization of excitation and inhibition processes in the cerebral cortex, normalization of muscle tone, and the reduction of autonomic disorders.

In addition, the positive effect of iodine-bromine chloride-sodium baths on blood rheology, cholesterol metabolism was found. It was established that bathing causes an immunological reorganization of the body, affecting the concentration of organ-specific, especially cardiac antibodies, that was found in patients with atherosclerosis.

The appointment of iodine-bromine chloride-sodium baths in patients improves blood flow in the kidneys, liver, spleen.

The use of bathtubs for patients with cerebral atherosclerosis with various clinical variants of cerebral circulation disorder improves the functional state of the central nervous system, improves the parameters of central and peripheral hemodynamics.

Recommended course of 7 to 15 procedures.