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Vertical retraction of the spine under its own weight in the basin with ibrophoric chloride water

Underwater extraction (traction) of the spine is a stretch of vertebrae under the weight of a patient. Such extraction takes place in a pool filled with iodine-bromine chloride-sodium water, which, according to clinical studies, greatly contributes to the medical and rehabilitation process. Sometimes, for a better traction, additional loads are used. Due to this effect, stretching is taking place. The pressure on the intervertebral discs is significantly reduced. At this moment, the spine is similar to a straight spring.

Underwater extraction is recommended for such diseases of the spine as: hernia, osteochondrosis, deforming spondylosis, type of lumbalgia, root compression, kyphoscoliosis, initial stage of Bechterev's disease, compression radiculopathy.

Contraindications to therapy: osteoporosis, spinal cord injury, osteoporosis, instability of the spine in the patient, sequestered hernia, spinal inflammatory syndromes (epiduritis scar and adhesion or arachnoiditis), pathologies in acute form accompanied by severe pain, spine fractures, overweight (over 120 kg) and the elderly (over 70 years old), rehabilitation after lyminctomy, prohibition of balloons and hydrotherapy (with tuberculous spondylitis, cardio-pulmonary decompensation, tumors of the spine or spinal cord, predisposition to cr owl)

Most patients report a significant improvement after having undergone a spinal extraction. People point out that pain discomfort is significantly reduced after 3 procedures. And the 5 session allows you to move freely.

Recommended course of 5 to 12 treatments.